msb gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of wood carvings, “Fumiya Watanabe Exhibition”.


He creates pictures of the emotions that arise in his daily life through his interactions with nature and animals, and he carves these images using his hands. All of his works are created with heartfelt care, as if he were giving or writing a letter to a loved one.


The chisel marks left on the wood surface convey the warmth of the artist's hands and breathe life into the wood. His works are delicately colored and have a quiet appearance. They are accompanied by a scene that seems like events in a dream. There is an indescribable warmth and humor that touch the hearts of the viewers.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity.



*On the first day of the exhibition when Fumiya Watanabe will be scheduled to be in the gallery, we have decided to receive clients by appointment only.

 If you plan to visit his exhibition on the first day, please make a reservation previously from the following time schedule;

①12:00-13:00  Full booked

②13:00-14:00  Full booked

③14:00-15:00  Full booked

④15:00-16:00  Full booked

⑤16:00-17:00  Full booked

⑥17:00-18:00  Full booked

18:00-19:00  Full booked






Fumiya Watanabe


Born in Tokyo in 1985. 

Spent his adolescence in Kanagawa and Iwate, Japan.


After graduating from Kyoto College of Traditional Arts and Crafts majoring in wood carving,  in order to further study carving, he became an apprentice to Mr. Akatsuki Iguchi, a traditional craftsman of Inami carving, in Nanto City, Toyama.

Currently working as an independent wood carver based in Gifu.





Solo exhibitions

2024   Hase, Nagoya, Japan

2023   “Inner Whispers, Embracing Tranquility”Cut&paste select shop, Taiwan

            gallery agariyashiki, Tokyo, Japan

2022   “Wherever the heart goes, where the body goes” Wood curving exhibition, san galerie, Taipei, Taiwan

2020    “Inner Whispers, Embracing Tranquility” Vima House, Taichung, Taiwan