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Kotaro Miura



Born in 1986.

First met oil painting at the age of fifteen, he started learning under a oil painter, Ken Mizushima. Fascinated by Rembrandt's intricate etchings, he began his copperplate engravings since 2011 and studied under Mr. Yotsuo Shirai, one of the master printers. A year later in 2012 he began his tempera paintings. Inspired by the lights of the stars, constellations, and stories, he expresses his unique fantasies.


In addition to producing art works, he has worked at an art gallery in Yokohama and had experiences to organize art classes at kindergarden, kids art school and workshop at commercial centers. Since 2019 he runs his own copperplate engraving art school in Hinodecho, Yokohama and make art classes to kids as well as adults.





Selected exhibitions
2023  Solo exhibition of Copperplate engravings prints, msb gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2022    Two-person exhibition Kotaro Miura/ Takuro Okuda; Folklore, Studio HOTDOG, Tokyo, Japan

2021     Two-person exhibition Kotaro Miura/ Takuro Okuda; In the forest chanting stars, , Tokyo, Japan

2018     Solo exhibition, Yu Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2015, 2014)          

2017     Solo exhibition, 8(eight), Tokyo, Japan