msb gallery is pleased to present “Once upon a time”, a solo exhibition by Bernadette Helmers.


Bernadette is a collage artist based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, who creates works using used old paper, books, and old materials that has been collected over time.


‘The small things that surround us, which make you happy, such as nature, being outside in the country, in the garden, reading books and listening to music. I try to capture and express those precious moments in my work.

I hope that the people in Japan will get joy and inspiration out of it through my work…’      Bernadette Helmers





msb gallery is pleased to present “Between the Lines”, a solo exhibition by Yusuke Mitsufuji.

Mitsufuji's works consist of repetitive processes of drawing lines on paper using a common pen and ruler. In this way,  escaping from memory and its weathering, Mitsufuji’s lines are vividly fixed on the surface of the painting.

In the new group of works presented in this exhibition, Mitsufuji is challenging himself to draw vivid lines that are outside of his awareness by using pigmented ink, not limit to the dye technique he has used so far serving dye ink.

We hope you will enjoy Mitsufuji’s new lines spectacle, which consists of the mutual complement of control and uncontrollability.





Yusuke Mitsuyuki - Biography


1982 Born in Osaka, Japan

2008 BFA, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan


Solo Exhibitions

2014 Slow Rush, LOOP HOLE, Tokyo, Japan

2016 Transparency, switch point, Tokyo, Japan

2020 Blinking Needle, TS4312, Tokyo, Japan

2022 Electric Shock, SHINBI GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan


Group Exhibitions

2011 Chiyoda Art Festival 2011: 3331 Independant, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

2012 7th Daikokuya Contemporary Art Competition, Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya, Tochigi, Japan

            7th  New Ikebukuro Montparnasse : West Gate Street Excursion Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Wonder Seeds 2013, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan


2015 10th Daikokuya Contemporary Art Competition, Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya, Tochigi, Japan

            The first decade of LOOP HOLE, Fuchu Green Plaza Annex Gallery / LOOP HOLE, Tokyo, Japan

2016 AFAF AWARDS 2016, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Artists Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

           Power of a Picture vol.5, TS4312, Tokyo, Japan

           SUPER OPEN STUDIO SOME THINKS: Rather be wavy than flat?, Art Laboratory Hashimoto, Kanagawa, Japan

2017 Interchangeable PotentialLOOP HOLE, Tokyo, Japan

2018 Promised Form, 3331 ART FAIR (akibatamabi21), Tokyo, Japan

            Special Edition 2018RISE GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

            Dagaku of crops, ART TRACE Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

            SUPER OPEN STUDIO SOME THINKS: 169.8cm, Art Laboratory Hashimoto, Kanagawa, Japan

2019 Endless Beginning, Akiba-Tamabi21, Tokyo, Japan

           SANGYO, RISE GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

2020 Bussan of Art, San San San Ichi (akibatamabi21), Tokyo, Japan

            Chicchai-noLOOP HOLE, Tokyo, Japan

            Face UpGallery 711, Tokyo, Japan





Artist Statement


When I was a boy, I caught about a hundred mackerel while using a sabiki rig. There were similar-looking hooks on the rig, and many similar-looking fish would bite them one after another. They were all "mackerel," but some with slightly larger eyes or slightly longer bodies, showing me their rich individual differences.

By the way, my art practice is nothing special. I am simply producing a piece of sheet music. I just put a pen on paper and play the piece of sheet music over and over again. Even the same type of paper varies in size. Even if their sizes are the same, there are individual differences.

You and I both have places to go and things we want to do when we wake up tomorrow. You can affirm your intention even if it is not special, interesting, or even meaningful. You can do so because there are always individual differences.

Now, let me show you how I do it.


Yusuke Mitsufuji