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ai, Madame Soleil d’Or


Based in Tokyo, Japan, she works as an illustrator and calligraphy artist.

She does copy ancient pieces of books and also creates her original works, book illustrations, logos, shop cards, using ink and pigments on paper, sometimes depicting with bird wing, gold leaf and parchment.  

In 2006 she began calligraphy under Maestro Muliere Gachini and in 2009 Saint chant at St.Gregorio house.

Since 2021, she has been participating in group exhibitions in shop-galleries such as Tentekido, cafe norn, salon de SERAPHIM and many others.  






Solo Exhibitions
2023    art and antique LECURIO, Tokyo, Japan

            Library Antos Bookstore of Plants, Tokyo, Japan

2018    Shinonome tea house at Jiyu Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan

2015    Bible house in Minami-Aoyama shop, Tokyo, Japan

2009    Librar Keiyu-do, Tokyo, Japan




Provided Works
illustration for CD cover of Orland di Rasso “Passion of Mataï” by Beata Musica Tokiensis
Label illustration for memorial original tea package of Library Antos Bookstore of Plants