Travel Exhibitions#4

KAM 2024


April 19 Fri. - 21 Sun. 2024

11:00 - 19:00


Kobe Meriken Park Oriental HotelKobe city, Hyogo)9th floor

room 943 





msb gallery is a mobile exhibit project that ties people to one another, unifies the world and connects the past, present and future through artists and artworks.

Through the exhibition tour “Travel Exhibitions”, we will go to various cities to display artworks with a different theme in each location.


This year in Kobe, we will be having our third exhibition following last year under the theme of constellations and myths. We will present works of both deceased and active artists in the same space, providing a wide range of opportunities for you to meet art works.


We hope to share the joy of "living with art" with all of you.









Kotaro Miura

kopfkino Ayano Igarashi

tagotto fukano natsu 


ai, Madame Soleil d'Or

Armel Barraud




*You may refer to each artist's biography from "Artists KAM’24"