msb gallery is pleased to present “Seeing the ambiguity”, a solo exhibition by Keita Sakai.


Keita Sakai has been creating works with an interest in cognition and its principles, using "human error" as a clue.


At first glance, the visual repetition and symbolism that frequently appear in his works seem to be in the lineage of minimal/op art, but their origins lie in his personal experience with dyslexia (a reading disability) and literacy. This is due to related errors (letters looking like patterns) and unique cognition (discrepancies in recognition when based on language).


Errors hidden within the work lead to errors, and at times the viewer feels anxious as if they are suddenly lost, and at other times, with a lightness and brightness that seems to be playing with words, the viewer is lured into a labyrinth of misperceptions.


His works are devices for understanding things that are "not really visible" through the visual world, and contrary to their pop and design-oriented appearance, they seem to be asking us fundamental questions about the proper meanings of "look/see" and "understand/know".


In this exhibition, we will present his new works from his LINE Series.


We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy his attempt by actually experiencing it through sight.






Artist Statement



LINE Series is a group of works inspired by symbols such as road signs and markings that overflow in cities. Symbols have the role of conveying information. By extracting characteristic colors and patterns from symbols and simply repeating them, the symbols seem to be released from their original role. Even though the symbols that have lost their functions are no longer symbols, but patterns, we sense signals that shouldn't exist from the mere collection of colors and patterns. A strange feeling hits me as if we were being instructed to do something. Were we the ones being held captive? As I create patterns for signs and markings in my daily work, I am made to think about how vague human cognition is and how there are biases in how individuals perceive the world.


This exhibition will feature new works from the LINE Series. The new pieces have almost no color or pattern. When things that were supposed to be symbols lose their characteristics and return to the state of things themselves, when they are no longer objects of recognition and return to just being there, I wanted to see what was still visible even when there was nothing left to see. Something that becomes invisible as soon as I try to focus on seeing it. What emerges from the work, which is freed from being seen, is the ambiguity of the world of cognition, as if one's own line of sight passes through the work, circles the globe, and then returns from behind.


The cognitive boundaries between “you” and “me” will always be shaken, and the uncertainty will be accentuated by the gaze of the inner other. I hope you enjoy the small errors caused by the new work along with the old work.





Keita Sakai













Keita Sakai 

1997   Born in Tokyo

2021   MA Fine Art in Sculpture at Musashino Art University



Using the perceptual characteristics caused by dyslexia ー reading and writing difficulties ー as a starting point, he creates sculptures with the theme of “gap in recognition” related to literacy. He incorporates trivial everyday actions into his works and conducts his activities while considering the ambiguity of recognition, which means human error.






2023   Watowa Art Award 2023  Winner of the Second Grand Prix and Jury Prize of Kengo Kito

      Kobe Art Marché 2023, Finalist

2022   Watowa Art Award 2022, Finalist

2021   The 15th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists, Finalist

2020   Kuma Foundation Creators’ Scholarship, 4th scholarship student

2019   Contemporary Art Foundation Award, Winner of Grand Prize 



Solo exhibitions

2023   Sequence, AOYAMA NOWLOADING, Tokyo, Japan

2022   PLAY-Patapata Nurinuri, A.R.C, Guangzhou, China 

2021   COLORS, L'amour Art Space, Hangzhou, China

           codecode, KITTE marunouchi 4/Floor, Tokyo, Japan

2020   Underline-Symbols in our everyday lives, Shibuya Hikarie8, CUBCOURT, Tokyo, Japan










msb gallery is pleased to present “Record at the water border”, a solo exhibition by Ayami Nakashima.


Her unique world depicting detailed and precise expression which reminds us a mysterious nature beings using mineral pigments.


Something like letting us into dream and reality, we can have feeling bringing back to each own ancient memories.


In this exhibition, we will present her new works that depict a phenomenon found in her daily life through the interaction between consciousness and unconsciousness.


We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy her poetic vision.







Artist Statement



I saw a petal of morning glory reached over to the edge of a small bay.

Holding it in a thin cloth, its color appears and penetrated.


While I thought hearing thunder of somedays, I rose my face up and found some random pieces of drifted objects from here to there.


I can see fishermen over there silhouetted in the light of sunset.

A black kite draws circle silently flying through with wind.


I just draw things come out from this unconscious border,

which can never reach  you.


I’m a part of consciousness floating at the water's edge, which cannot find anywhere to go.






Ayami Nakashima









msb gallery is pleased to present “white paper -weißes papier-”, a solo exhibition by kopfkino, Ayano Igarashi.


kopfkino creates imaginary plant specimens by combining a piece of white paper with natural objects. She gives them shape taking the formative beauty of beautiful plants and colors them picking up color each color from natural objects.


In this exhibition, her first solo exhibition, she will present works that use white minerals, fossils, etc., and use minimal coloring, focusing on the "white paper" as a starting point.


We hope that viewers will enjoy coloring the work with their own imaginations, as well as the unique narrative that dwells in "white," which does not seem to belong anywhere and is always dependent on what is next to it.





*The artist is schedule to be in the gallery as below:


1.25 Thu.  12:00-16:00

1.27 Sat.   13:00-16:00

1.31 Wed. 12:00-16:00

2.3   Sat.   12:00-16:00

2.4   Sun.  13:00-17:00







Selected group exhibitions


2023    “What if museum exhibition” usaginonedoko, Kyoto, Japan

            “Jeweler's caravan” Chiroptére store, Osaka, Japan

            “Night Museum” Guignol, Osaka, Japan

            “How to enjoy the rainy day” ranbu, Osaka, Japan

            “SICF” Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan

2022  Tombo Pencil×minne FAN ART STUDIO, illustrated in May and June

2017  “touch” SMART SHIP GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan








Artist statement


Nowadays due to time passes blinkly speedy in our modern life, it seems like our imaginations are all about what is necessary in our lives. 

Only one thing what I want the viewers get from my work is to enjoy “fantasy”.


Kopfkino literally translates to "cinema in your head" in German.

In other words, it means "fantasy”.


When we face with the beauty of nature, our imagination become overflow.

While the story that grows in our head blurs the line between reality and fantasy, it will secretly lead us to an unknown world.


By embodying our fantasies, we can grasp them as something that exists right now.

And also, someone else can imagine the sequel.


This exhibition will focus on “White".

"White" with a lot of blank space can be colored more freely and realistically.


I hope you enjoy the imagination born from a “White paper=blank slate".






Ayano Igarashi