natsu fukano




Born in Shiga, lives in Kanagawa, Japan

Since 2019 she has been observing herbs and ferns which grow naturally in her garden, and creating its specimens.





 It is not for a special day that I enjoy working with my hands .

 I put my thoughts into the fictitious word "tagotto" in order to have a will in that ordinary daily life.


 Things that already exist around us, very close to us.

 Observing them, pondering, moving hands, failing and laughing secretly.

 That's pretty much how I spend my days.








Solo exhibitions

2022 Specimens of weeds and its surroundings, sakurayama parler, Zushi Kanagawa, Japan

    Thread and Weeds, nichiyobi, Ninomiya Kanagawa, Japan

2023 Weeds Specimens Exhibition, sawvi, Kamakura Kanagawa, Japan