merino is a tempera artist based in Yokohama, Japan, who creates works using the technique of egg yolk tempera*, which is one of the classic painting techniques from the Italian Renaissance** period, starting with making a plaster based support.  Her works mainly depict imaginary villages and the people who live there.


merino participated in a long-term artist-in-residence program in Koganecho, Yokohama for 10 years from January 2011.

In addition to producing tempera paintings, she has also provided numerous works for books and CD covers.






*Egg yolk tempera: A technique widely practiced in Western paintings since the 11th century, where pigments are dissolved into a mixture of eggs and vinegar to paint on a plaster base on a board.


 **Italian Renaissance: From the mid 14th century to the mid 16th century, a cultural movement arose in Italy aiming to revive the learning and knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome, and eventually spread to other European countries.  Famous works of this period include Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and "Primavera". 






1997 Selected for the 1st Shinsei Exhibition, Shinseido, Tokyo 

    Received the 1st ARTBOX Western Film Newcomer Award Grand Prize, ART BOX GALLERY, Tokyo



2019  merino Solo Exhibition, Site-A Gallery, Yokohama

2020  Koganecho Bazaar 2020, Hachibankan, Yokohama

2022  Expression Exhibition of Small Works, Bern Art Gallery, Osaka

          Corridor in May, Bern Art Gallery, Osaka

          Two-person exhibition, alma, Kotori Flower Shop, Tokyo

          meino exhibition, msb gallery, Tokyo



Provided Works

Cover art; "Time" by Eva Hoffmann , Misuzu Shobo,

Cover picture; Harry Potter "Fukuro Tsushin VOL.3" Spica

Binding and cover art; "Living on the Beach of Space" Kaizosha

Cover art; "Gaston Lucia" by Roger Faligot, Shogakukan

and many other bindings and illustrations


Company name logo production for Representative of UFO researcher Junichi Yaoi, "ORANGE SHIP Co., Ltd"

Logo production for Acoustic trio band "Ohfujitsubo"

Logo production for Acoustic ensemble "Handdlion"